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“The trout bum diaries”- An Angling Exploration Group production.

In most fly fishing dvds, Joe the professional fishing Guide takes Bill, the yuppie show host to some prime water (that Joe fishes 300 days each year) and they make a film about the trip.  The film includes lots of pictures of the host casting where the guide tells him to cast and then hooking up with some large fish which he gets close enough for the guide to net for him.  There is a lot of talk about drag free drifts and matching the hatch and such.  “the trout bum diaries, volume 1 Patagonia” produced by the Angling Exploration Group, takes that kind of fly fishing video, rips its guts out, and leaves it by the side of the road like a rusty Range Rover with a broken axle.  In short, The Trout Bum Diaries breaks all the rules of the stuffed shirt fly fishing establishment.  

“The trout bum diaries” is the story of four self described trout bums who set out on a five month long adventure to fly fish across Patagonia.  In this video you won’t learn how to tie a nail knot or perfect your double haul. Instead you will see four anglers who sleep on the ground at night and slog through muck and mire by day to get to tiny creeks that hold monster trout. You will see windshields shattered, axles broken, grocery carts full of cervesa, and even the occasional bikini clad South American cutie sun bathing by the river. Lots of fish are caught and unlike in other fly fishing films some are missed or break off.  There are no size 22 blue winged olives in this film.  The trout that we are privileged to watch these fellows catch prefer to dine on flies the size of small rats.  Drag free drifts go out the window when a thirty inch trout chases down a mouse fly from across the river. 

I watched the film in the Flyfishmagzine.com screening room with its surround sound and 106” screen and the Patagonian landscape was truly breathtaking. The views of the Andes mountain vistas, lakes, and rivers filled the big screen to overflowing. The music was almost as good as the eye candy. During the course of the film you will hear everything from blues to metal.  I watched the film with my 14 year old son and he was as impressed with the choice of music as he was with the giant trout.  

To paraphrase an ad campaign from a now defunct car company, “This is not your father’s fly fishing video!”  Instead, it is a shotgun ride through the South American back country with four guys who are doing what most of us desk jockeys wish we had the huevos to pull off. Fishing for the sake of fishing and the pursuit of monster trout.  My only complaint is that the AEG has not yet invested in an IMAX camera.

“The Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1, Patagonia” is available directly from The Angling Exploration Group and is 1 hour and 39 minutes long with a full hour of bonus footage and out takes (don’t skip these).  You can visit their blog at Fishspawn.com to read about future projects.



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