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“So Many Fish, So Little Time” - Mark D. Williams

One look at Mark D. Williams' book, "So Many Fish, So Little Time" and you are immediately struck by sheer size of the tome. The book's 860 pages and the promise of taking you to "1001 places all anglers should visit before they go to that great fishing paradise in the sky" left me wondering how one man could possibly fish so much and at the same time feeling sorry for the poor postman who had to lug this gigantic book to my door.

"So Many Fish, So Little Time" is both a fly fishing reference guide as well as the diary of one angler's fishing adventures. The book is broken down into geographical sections that range from different regions of the United States to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the South Pacific, and as they once said in those late night K-tel album commercials, much, much, more.

Each section of the book includes a few paragraphs on several of the notable streams and rivers of the area and the author does a great job of interspersing stories of his own fishing adventures through out the stream overviews. These anecdotes are what set this book apart from being a mere encyclopedia of fishing spots and make it a very entertaining read.

For instance, in the section on Colorado's Blue River the author refers to the popular fishing venue as one of the most expensive places to fish in the United States. Not because of fees or expensive lodging but rather because of the outlet mall that it flows behind and his significant other's love of shopping.

In another section about North Carolina's blue ribbon Davidson River he refers to it as "a great place to get fairly skunked too." He is absolutely correct and you have to admire a fishing author who isn't afraid to use the word skunked in an article about any river that has been written up as much as the Davidson.

In addition to the entertainment value each section also includes information about stream access, fly suggestions and a list of a few of each area's fly shops and fishing guides. Having all of this information in one location makes this a valuable reference.

Due to its size I do not think that this book intends to be one that many anglers will sit down with on a winter's night and read from cover to cover. However, after receiving the book for this review I have found myself continually referring to it as a planning tool for future trips or when I've found a few quiet moments to read about a spot I have heard of but have yet to fish.

"So Many Fish, So Little Time" by Mark D. Williams is published by Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY and is available via ISBN 978-0-06-088239-6



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