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Jeff Paisley former fly fishing gear dealer and darn good angler reviews the many personal pontoon boats available to the fly fisherman. (Link)

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Our editor reviews the Jimmy Jacobs’ book “Fly-Fishing The South Atlantic Coast.” (Link)

Our editor describes a recent visit to a Gander Mountain retail store in this Under Cover Fly Shop Review. (Link)

Now it seems that our editor thinks he is some sort of film critic. Here is his review of “The Trout Bum Diaries: Vol 1 Patagonia.” (Link)

We review Felt Soul Media’s award winning documentary: “The Hatch” (Link)

Our review of the Sporting Fly Productions film, Alaska: Kenai River” (Link)

We take a look at an addition to the Smith Action Optics line of polarized eye wear- The Chamber (Link)

Now it’s getting interesting around here.  Our Editor reviews a Fly Fishing Simulator for the PC. (Link)

Fish Eye Vid Mag

We “Get Bent!” (as if we weren’t already) with “Fish Eye Fly Fishing Magazine” From Burl Productions. (Link)

Our 401k is in danger of being drained after we view Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2 - Kiwi Camo (Link)

Now we just need to figure out how to convince the family that Mosquito Lagoon is better than Disney World.  We review “Redfish On The Fly” by Capt. John Kumiski (Link)

A historical novel about competitive fly casting? We review Randy Kadishs’ book, “The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World.” (Link)

1001 places that every angler should fish before they kick the bucket and go that that great tailwater in the sky.  We review “So Many Fish, So Little Time” by Mark D. Williams (Link)

What happens when a fly fishing guide is forced to come back to reality?  Roll cast Productions Hilarious DVD: Fishizzle! (Link)

Save Alaska’s Bristol Bay! We review Castaway film’s new DVD, “Equilibrium, The Last Frontier.” (Link)

Burl Productions - SoulFish (Link)

“Madison River Montana” - Sporting Fly(Link)

“The Search - Tahiti” - Gin Clear Media(Link)

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