Fly Fishing The World With Tim Weston

Tim Weston The newest contributor to is our International Correspondent, Tim Weston of the United Kingdom. We met up with Tim in Alaska and didn't have to fish with him long to realize that he fit right in with the FlyfishMagazine crew. As an example, when one of our number remarked that they found his accent hard to understand, he politely stated that "Yes, English can be a terribly difficult language."

Tim was raised on an English chalk stream and spent several years managing a commercial trout fishery. Currently, Tim is in the employ of Roxtons, the foremost provider of fishing and hunting opportunities around the globe. Tim's responsibilities include looking after Roxstons' English and Atlantic Salmon fishing adventures as well as their brown trout chalk stream fishing.

We are pleased to announce that Tim will be providing regular reports on the international fly fishing scene. We are not really sure what he gets out of the deal so if you see him in your travels buy him a pint for us. The stories alone will be worth the adverse exchange rate.



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