Fish Eye Vid MagWe learned about Burl Production's Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Magazinefrom Key West Fishing Guide, Justin Rea during a recent trip down South. Justin put us in touch with Mikey Wier and he was nice enough to send us a review copy of Volume 3 that carries the appropriate title "Get Bent!". Once we had inserted the DVD and cranked up the screening room we realized we had met Mr. Wier at last year's Five Minutes of Fly Fishing competition at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show.

Rather than focus on just one angler's adventures or one type of fly fishing, "Get Bent" is a virtual variety show for the fly fishing aficionado. One of the things that stands out about this issue is seeing first hand the pure excitement and enjoyment of the sport that a young angler, Loren Elliott, experiences every time he makes a fly rod connection with a trout. Loren has a talent for fly fishing and a love for the sport that shows with every cast. Another segment shows Mr. Wier getting into the act and we are witness as he catches one of California's largest wild rainbow trout ever on a fly. As if that weren't enough the DVD has three more segments that run gamut from fishing in the high country snow to a peaceful yet belly boat crowded lake full with Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

This DVD also brings a novel approach to advertising for the genre, the promo video. Simply put the paid ads keep your attention just as well as the magazine content. On this disc the promo video's include some of the best footage in the issue. Tarpon, Bones, and Permit with Capt. Justin Rea, Red fish on the fly in Louisana's red zone and an inside look at the Sage rod factory. In short don't fast forward through this great content.

Burl Production's Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Magazine, Issue 3 is available via the Fish Eye Videos Website at for $22.00 shipped. Burl Productions also films destination and lodge promos and will even professionally film your own fishing trip and provide you with DVD's to share with friends and family.


DVD Review

“FishEye Fly Fishing Video Magazine: Get Bent!”- Burl Productions.



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