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Fly fishing video often tells the story of a person who forsakes the work-a-day world of the corporate stiff and heads off into the wilderness in search of fishing adventure. These movies make us poor corporate lackeys wonder what life might be like were we to ditch the world of 9 to 5 to seek our living as a fishing guide in the Alaskan bush. "Fishizzle" from Rollcast Productions might be described as the "flip side" of the typical fly fishing film.

Fishizzle tells the story of Steve, an angler who has worked as a fishing guide in Alaska for several years. His days are filled with tall tales, giant rainbow trout, and his fellow guides and fishing buddies. In short he is living his dream. As in all great tragedies, our hero awakens from this dream after a "brutal boat crash" and is forced to make a decision to either stay with his dream job or head back to civilization and start the makings of a proper career. Steve does the responsible thing and finds himself clad in a plaid and smack dab in the middle of city life with a job at Wooligans, "Your winter outfitter."

Steve's days at Wooligans just can't live up to the excitement and freedom of his "previous life" so he spends much of his time away from work reviewing his collection of fly fishing video footage and wishing he could find a way to make a a career of fishing. Along the way to his goal our hero must contend with a boss who thinks that his "head isn't in the wool," a bizarre lure salesman's infomercials, rivers filled with rafters and rowdy kids, and his responsibilities as a boyfriend. All of these things seeming to conflict with his love of fishing.

In Fishizzle! Steve Apple does something new in the world of fly fishing video. He manages to provide the compulsory fish porn (with some great pictures of big fish being caught) along with an great soundtrack, while at the same time telling an excellent story in a hilarious fashion. It is a proverbial breath of fresh air for your DVD player.

Fishizzle is available from Rollcast Productionsvia their online store for $19.95. We at FlyfishMagazine.com think that you won't be disappointed.


Fishizzle!: Roll Cast Productions


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