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Meet the anglers who make up

Lee Murdock or simply “Murdock” as you will often hear him called in fly fishing circles, is the Editor & Publisher of and its sister blog.  He is by far the least talented guy who contributes to this site.  However, what he lacks in talent he makes up for with a zeal for the sport of fly fishing

Jay Moore is a Texan who somehow found himself in Tennessee. Jay runs a lumber yard to pay the bills and fly fishes for sanity’s sake.  He has become well known as an expert on fly fishing  tail waters. Jay is our Editor for all things fly fishing in Tennessee.

Captain Gordon Churchill has made a name for himself as the foremost shallow water fly fishing guide/specialist in the Carolina's. As you can see from the photo his favorite targets are large tailing reds. He has written several articles on the subject and leads the charge on several environmental issues that effect his home waters. Captain Gordon is such a knowledgeable and well liked guy that, save for those pictures we have in the safe deposit box, we can't for the life of us figure out why he would hang out with us. Whatever the reason we are darn lucky to have him around. Captain Gordon is a contributing Editor.


Captain Paul Rose Captain Rose is a noted Carolina fly fishing guide with over 25 years of experience in salt water and warm water fly fishing. Captain Rose is also known as one of the foremost experts in the growing sport of fly fishing for Carp. Paul's experience started in western PA fishing rivers and streams for trout and bass. Later he relocated to Austin, Texas where he quickly became addicted to the fast paced action, pinpoint casting, and large fish associated with salt water fly fishing.

Captain Paul Rose's insights on fly fishing in both salt and fresh water for a variety of species as well as his hints for anglers wishing to target carp will be available for readers of via both feature articles and posts to the our blog.

Tim Weston Tim was raised on an English chalk stream and spent several years managing a commercial trout fishery. Currently, Tim is in the employ of Roxstons, the foremost provider of fishing and hunting opportunities around the globe. Tim's responsibilities include looking after Roxstons' English and Atlantic Salmon fishing adventures as well as their brown trout chalk stream fishing. We are pleased to announce that Tim will be providing regular reports on the international fly fishing scene.

Jeff Paisley Has been a fly fisher for most of his life.  When we first met him he was selling fly fishing equipment out of the back of his Honda Civic. As skillful as anyone on the river Jeff is one of those guys who can catch fish under any conditions. Jeff contributes from time to time as the mood strikes him.

John “Zugbug” Davis is quite the legend in these parts. He runs a company that deals with lawyers and insurance companies and lets just say they have rubbed off on him.   He only contributes to the site occasionally but when he does it is sure to be an amazing tale.

Want to share your knowledge? If you would like submit a story idea, product review, or  article for possible publication please contact   All items submitted become the property of and its affiliates and you must warrant that you are the sole owner of the legal intellectual property rights to any item you submit.  Don’t worry though we will be very nice to you and give you lots of credit for your fine work. 

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