Fly Fishing the South Atlantic Coast


“Fly-Fishing the South Atlantic Coast.” by Jimmy Jacobs

Reading a book about going fishing can never be compared to actually going fishing.  It is for that reason that outside of my copy of Izaak Walton’s “The Complete Angler” and my other favorite fishing book, “The Bible”, I own very few of them. Since I am a rather impatient person, I tend to enjoy books that give me quick insight about places to fish and the techniques that catch fish in those places.  Jimmy Jacobs’ book “Fly-Fishing the South Atlantic Coast” does just that.

This author has put together a compendium of information and maps that give the angler a good base of information about coastal fly fishing opportunities from North Carolina’s Outer Banks all the way to the Florida Keys. In addition to some fairly detailed information about each stop along the way, the author does a good job of telling you about the gear you will need and the techniques to use to make your trip to the coast a success.  I personally own this book and from it I have gotten some new ideas about places to enjoy salt water fly fishing.

Fly-Fishing the South Atlantic Coast by Jimmy Jacobs is published by Countryman Press of Woodstock, Vermont. ISBN 0-88150-433-5  


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