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Places to Fish

South Mountains State Park -Secluded Mountain Gem in Burke County, North Carolina (Link)

Chinquapin Lake - North Carolina’s Delayed Harvest Trout Pond (Link)

Stone Mountain State Park: Three kinds of fishing in one beautiful North Carolina park! (Link)

Fishing in strange places: Burke County, NC’s “Maximum Security Fishery”. (Link)

The Davidson River - World Class Trout Water in Western North Carolina. (Link)

Brevard North Carolina’s North Mills River (Link)

Off the Reservation: Raven Fork, Oconoluftee River (Link)


Tips and Tricks

“Spare the Rod - Spoil the child”  Tips for taking kids fishing (Link)

Fly Fishing Tailwater - Lots of food = large trout (link)

An Inside Look at Competitive Fly Fishing (link)



Check out some popular flies (Link)



Dvd Review: “Fishizzle!” From Roll Cast Productions (Link)

Book Review - “So Many Fish, So Little Time”(Link)

Book Review - “The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace With The World”(Link)

Book Review - “Redfish On The Fly”(Link)

Dvd Review: “Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2: Kiwi Camo”(Link)

Dvd Review: Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Mag “Get Bent!”(Link)

PC Game Review: Real World Fly Fishing - Third Edition (Link)

New Gear: Smith Action Optics polarized eye wear (Link)

Dvd Review: Sporting Fly’s “Alaska’s Kenai River” (Link)

Dvd Review: Felt Soul Media’s “The Hatch” (Link)

Dvd Review: “Trout Bum Diaries: Vol. I Patagonia (Link)

An Under Cover Fly Shop Review of a Gander Mountain (Link)

Book Review - “Fly Fishing The South Atlantic Coast”(Link)

Personal Pontoon boats (Link)


Creekside Humor

That Darn Cell Phone! (Link)

Have you Seen the Designated Fish Cleaner? (Link)

The Filthiest Fly Fishing Story Ever Told (Link)

Tree Stumps and Speckled Trout (Link)

Ten ways to ruin a fishing friendship (Link)

Paw’s Big Brown Trout - Keeping your fishing hole secret.(Link)

“Zugbug’s Arrest” Adventures on a trip to North Carolina’s South Toe River. (Link)

More “Adventures with Zugbug.” This time he lost his britches.(Link)

Cletus Fishes With The Amish - “If the sun is on my left, I know I’m heading South!” (Link)


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